I recently paid my first visit to K Restaurant, a modern-American restaurant in College Park, about 30 minutes outside of Orlando. They have been open for nearly two years now and I regret every day I wasted not knowing the amazingness that comes from their kitchen. They fully encompass the farm-to-table way of life which means their menu changes daily so every visit can be new and special.

We started with one of their signature appetizers, a customer favorite they keep on the menu year-round, their wonderful fried green tomatoes layered with their corn and crab salad.  The tomatoes were tart and crispy – exactly what we were hoping for and the cool salad was a great contrast to the warm tomatoes. We also ordered their Creole BBQ shrimp which were placed atop some of the most incredible cheese grits I’ve ever tasted. The grits were the perfect consistency and paired beautifully with the tender, delectable shrimp. All of which were swimming in a roux based sauce that sent my taste buds soaring after each bite. Our servers made sure we had more than enough fantastic crusty bread so that not a drop of the deliciously seasoned sauce was left behind, for which I am forever grateful.
Fried Green Tomatoes with Corn and Crab Salad
Creole BBQ Shrimp atop Cheese Grits
For our entrees, we decided on the must-have filet mignon and the grilled to perfection sword fish. The filet was prepared to an ideal medium temperature, was seared beautifully and melted in my mouth. It came served atop a bed of creamy potato gratin drizzled in their fabulous cabernet sauvignon sauce. The swordfish was just as superb, if not even better – it was moist, tender and impeccably seasoned, unlike any I have ever tried before. It was served with a flavorful corn and lima bean succotash that complimented the swordfish brilliantly.
Filet Mignon atop Potato Gratin
Swordfish atop Corn and Lima Bean Succotash
Dessert is a must at K and we ordered two: the Pecan Pie in a Jar and also their life-changingly amazing French Toast Bread Pudding. The pecan pie had a flakey crust your grandmother would be proud of and was accompanied by velvety cinnamon ice cream. The warm bread pudding came blanketed in creme anglaise and was paired with creamy maple ice cream. All of the components melded wonderfully together, adding a new level of deliciousness to our meal.
Pecan Pie in a Jar
French Toast Bread Pudding
After we ate all that we could, we had the pleasure of meeting Kevin, K’s chef and owner. He was gracious enough to take the time and show us around K’s garden where all their fresh herbs and in season vegetables are picked and incorporated into their outstanding appetizers, entrees, and desserts. It was remarkable to see where our dinner had come from. We were able to actually see and touch the okra that was a part of our BBQ Shrimp - such an awesome experience. Additionally, they now offer a Southern style brunch every second Sunday of the month. Who’s in? I’ll see you there!

K Restaurant
1710 Edgewater Drive 
Orlando, FL 32804

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